Help with Technical Requirements

The technical requirements vary according to the page and feature you are accessing on this website. The requirements here allow optimum viewing for all pages including the administrator's Admin Tools pages.

Computer and Operating System

This website is designed to work best on computers and operating systems less than three years old. Many older systems may also work fine, but are not supported. The most used desktop operating system is Microsoft Windows, version 7 or later.   Most popular at this website is Microsoft Windows version 8.1 or 10. The most popular mobile or tablet operating systems are Android and iOS.  In all cases, we recommend always installing the latest online updates. 

Internet Access Speed

This website is designed to work with most methods of accessing the Internet. MiFi, cellular networks and telephone modems will work, but some pages may load slowly on slower networks. A high speed (broadband) connection is recommended such as fiber optic, DSL, cable, satellite, and MiFi or cellular networks providing fast Internet Service. As with any Internet browsing, large and complex pages are much more easily used with a high speed connection.

Browser Software Application

This website is designed to work best when viewed by Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer.  Apple users can also use Safari. We design around compatibility issues by favoring more current versions of these browsers. We recommend always using the latest version of your browser with the latest online updates. Technically, this website design complies with the W3C Web software standard: "HTML5".

JavaScript and Java

This website uses JavaScript, but not Java Applets. These are different types of technologies. JavaScript is enabled by default in popular browsers.  This website may, in some cases, provide links to external website that use Java Applets.  In those cases, you may need to set your browser options to enable Java.

Browser Security Settings

This website uses several types of technologies that work by default in popular browsers. 

In some rare cases, your browser or browser plug-in might block certain content or types of functionality.  In these case you should receive a message about this from your browser.  All pages from this website are scanned for malicious content as they are served from the web server.  Use your own discretion, but our automated systems use the best of current technologies to keep this website as safe as possible. 


Pop-ups must be allowed for a few of our pop-up messages and warnings. If you have pop-up blocker enabled on your browser, you should enable pop-ups for this website.  Most browsers display a warning message or icon when a pop-up window is blocked. 

Microsoft Office Excel

Microsoft Excel is optional to save and work with reports. To only view the reports, you do not need Microsoft Excel.

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