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Hosted by  Charitable Gift Planners of Connecticut

Webinar - Dear Leadership: Here’s Why Your Gift Planning Program Matters

The Charitable Gift Planners of Connecticut provides ethically-focused gift planning education, training and advocacy to development professionals, professional advisors, volunteers and donor advisors.

CGPCT meets throughout the year providing educational programming of value to our members. Our programs take place on the second Thursday of the month. We currently offer programs approximately every month in a virtual format. When able, we will meet in person to network with our colleagues. Throughout COVID we are working to ensure that our members remain safe and healthy. Updates to our meeting schedule, whether in person or virtual, can be found on our home page. You may also check our Event Calendar for details.

Thursday, February 10, 2022
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Eastern Time


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Elizabeth Ayers, JD
Executive Director of Gift Planning
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Feb 10 2022 1:00PM

Dear Leadership: Here's Why Your Gift Planning Program Matters

How do we gift planners prove to the leaders of our organizations the necessity of a strong gift planning program that includes participation by all fundraisers? Is it the impact of a large gift, collaboration, messaging and promotion, data, or bold campaign goals requiring “all hands-on deck”? And how does one successfully navigate leadership changes and challenges and “old guard views” of gift planner roles only as deferred gift closers when there is no current cash gift option?

Elizabeth will share how she built a strong case for the gift planning program by building it internally and finding ways to showcase its success in a language her leadership understood and appreciated. Using GPs standards # 2 (a strong internal case) and #14 (stewardship), she will walk participants through the step by step process she followed to build a successful gift planning program embraced by senior management, boards, volunteers, and major gift colleagues. Reports used to demonstrate success will be shared and discussed.

1. Attendees will learn how the speaker proved the case, step by step, for the necessity and support of a strong active gift planning program.
2. Attendees will view helpful reports that can be used and modified to prove their own cases at their organizations.
3. Attendees will observe that building a strong program involves strategic collaboration with internal partners.


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